Goda nyheter, spoilers!

Goda nyheter! Det verkar som att vi kommer få se Elenas adoptivföräldrar i en flashback från när Stefan räddade Elena antar jag.
Jag undrar om deras crash kan ha någonting att göra med The Originals för varför skulle det annars komma på tal...? Vet ingenting än utan det är bara en teori, vad tror ni? :)

Greggieyeah: The Vampire Diaries scoop please! The hiatus is  killing me right about now and I need my fix.


We are going to meet  Elena’s parents! Well, more specifically, her adoptive parents (and Jeremy’s  birth parents): Grayson and Miranda Gilbert. And we can only assume it is for a  flashback. As you may recall, Elena’s real father, John (David  Anders), took his girlfriend Isobel to brother Grayson (a doctor) to  help her deliver a baby, which was Elena, and whom Miranda and Grayson promptly  adopted. So far we’ve only seen them in photos but TVD is currently  casting actors who are willing to take scuba lessons for an underwater scene.  Now, you remember what ghastly thing happened underwater to Elena and her  parents, right? And how Stefan saved Elena’s life? Sure sounds like the genesis  of some kind of Stefan and Elena rekindling if you ask us! Or, you know, they’re  going to flash back to the Gilbert family practicing their synchronized-swim  act, which would be even more awesome. We shall see.



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